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Creation and development

To people who work, or can provide products and easy to use how safe.

We have developed a product that can be reliable with high quality industrial materials and planting material to play an active part in all fields, I will deliver.

Company profile

Company Name INAGAKI & Co.,Ltd.
Founded July 1, 2002
Head Office 〒214-0022
3-7-17, Seki, Tamaku, Kawasakisi,Kanagawa , Japan
Paid-in Capital 10 million yen
President Akira Inagaki

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Services overview

Flexible Containers It manufactures and sells flexible container bag to produce fertilizer General Construction & Public Works site, waste and recycling companies other
Industrial Materials Manufacture and sale of PP bag, stretch film Gala bag, such as industrial materials jute bag
Planting materials Manufacture and sale of planting material of jute sheet jute roll jute rope, non-woven fabric pots
Agricultural materials Sales of Pasture film,sheet Mokko,Fugo bag, weed sheet Compressor crop t ransportation equipment, etc.
Jute products jute products manufactured and sold in the custom-made jute bag, hemp rope, and other single yarn

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